People Can’t Help But Fall In Love With This Cute Featherless Lovebird

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Lovebirds are small birds with very lively and colorful feathers, similar to parrots, as they are in the same family. They make great pets too because they aren’t high maintenance. This one is a bit of a different story, however.

Isabella Eisenmann of Boston saw a social media post about Rhea, a featherless lovebird. She needed a new home and without a second thought, Eisenmann took her in. Rhea is suffering from a beak and feather disease known as Psittacine. Luckily for her, her condition is considered only mild, but it has still left her naked. People are now sending custom-made sweaters to Eisenmann for Rhea in order to  keep her warm.

Rhea is a featherless lovebird who needed a new home.

23-year-old Isabella Eisenmann gave her a new home in Boston.

Rhea has Psittacine, a bird disease which causes feathers and potentially claws and beaks to come off.

This disease has left Rhea naked.

She’s almost naked.

Who can resist such cuteness?

She looks so fragile.

Eisenmann made an Instagram account for Rhea.

Soon, Rhea the naked bird had more than 100,000 followers.

Many of them are sending her sweaters.

These sweaters keep her warm, especially since it can get quite cold in Boston.

We’re not sure what this wig has to do with anything, but we’re just going to go with it.

(via BoredPanda)

With all the sweaters that are pouring in, Rhea should be able to stay warm and comfortable for life. For more, check out Rhea’s Instagram.