Perfectly Round Cloud Photographed In Japan Goes Viral

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Clouds don’t often get much attention since obviously they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Only the rare, mysteriously shaped clouds tend to generate any attention. This happens to be one of those occasions.

A Twitter user named Poppy (@pmxpvrtmx) recently posted a photo that she took of a cloud in Fujisawa, Japan. The unusual cloud is round like a golf ball. Others in the area noticed it’s unusual shape too and began  posting photos to social media. They soon went viral.

Cloud come in all shapes and sizes, but occasionally an unusually shaped cloud will appear.

Just recently, a Twitter user named Poppy captured this photo of a cloud in Japan.

It appeared to be perfectly spherical.

Climate experts call this a “roll cloud”.

It forms due to wind from mountain waves. Others are caused by outflows of cold air from ocean breezes as well as cold fronts.

Many other clouds of unique shapes have been captured and shared by internet users.

Only the rarest and most unusual of them go viral, such as this one where the clouds look like the ocean during a storm.

(via BoredPanda)