This Pilot Does Yoga All Over The World And Her Selfies Have Gone Viral

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Being a pilot has numerous perks. You travel around the world for free, experience countless new things, and meet all kinds of people, including celebrities. One Swedish pilot does more than just visiting places where her plane takes her, however.

Maria Pettersson practices yoga and never misses out on the chance to do just that wherever she lands. She posts selfies to her Instagram account while doing yoga in various locations, and she now has over 200,000 followers.  Take a look at some of her adventurous photos to see why.

This is Swedish pilot Maria Pettersson.

She’s 32 years old, from Gothenburg, Sweden, and works for Ryanair.

After moving to Palermo, Sicily, she started an Instagram account to share her journeys with her family in Sweden.

She is an avid yoga enthusiast and practices yoga wherever she goes.

This can often include remote locations.

And she’s quite good too.

She also paddle boards.

And when possible, she also takes time to enjoy the water.

She has become something of an internet sensation, living a life that many only dream of.

She already has more than 200k Instagram followers, most of whom are presumably living vicariously through her photos.

She knows how to have fun wherever her plane takes her.

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It’s probably not hard to love your job when you get to have adventures like these!