These Portraits Of Michael Jackson Further Show Just How Eccentric The King Of Pop Was

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We all have an idea by now just how unique Michael Jackson’s tastes were in, well, everything. We’ve covered his home and theme park Neverland Ranch and many of its oddities in great detail here before. What you may not know he had a number of paintings commissioned that were also quite unique (read: strange).

Most of them were created in 1988 by artist David Nordahl and depict Jackson as various different characters as well as his love for children. These include more than even the strange artworks around his home that we covered before. Check them out below.

Michael Jackson had a very unique art collection.

Most of his pieces were featured in an auction house showcase in 2009 called The Michael Jackson Exhibit.

This is the man behind most of the portraits. He’s an artist named David Nordahl.

This is a painting of Michael Jackson as David, perhaps the most used art subject in history.

The Storyteller

This one is called Moonrise.

The Knight

Field of Dreams


(via 22Words)

The artist, Nordahl, called Jackson the “most thoughtful, respectful person” he’d ever met, and he grew close to Jackson over the years. He’d often forget that Jackson was incredibly famous and talented, until Jackson would randomly break into dance, at which point Nordahl says “It would dawn on me: He’s the best entertainer in the world.”