Potatoes Wiped Out This Entire Family Except The Young Daughter. The Scariest Part Is How It Happened

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Are you a sucker for potatoes like most people? Boil, bake, or fry them, and the taste is absolutely delicious. Add a little butter or your favorite condiment, and it gets even better. But did you know that potatoes have a very dark secret?

They contain compounds known as glycoalkaloids which escape into the air in the form of a deadly gas once potatoes begin rotting. Once humans inhale this toxic gas, if concentrated, it will kill them. Unfortunately, one family found this out the hard way.

8-year-old Maria Chelysheva in Russia lost her family in 2014.



They kept some potatoes in their cellar which rotted and emitted toxic gas.



Her father was the first to go down to the cellar and when he didn’t return, her mom went after him. And when she didn’t return, Maria’s teen brother went after them, but he too didn’t come back.

Potatoes contain compounds called glycoalkaloids which turn into a deadly gas as potatoes rot.



After her grandma phoned a neighbor, the neighbor went to look for them, but she didn’t return either. Maria went to the cellar to look for them too, but thankfully, the door was left open, so the gas had dissipated by then.

Avoid the same fate as Maria’s family by never storing potatoes for too long.



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Potatoes are delicious, but one should bear in mind that keeping them for too long can have fatal consequences.