You Probably Had No Idea These Things Are Expected Of Every First Lady Of The United States

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If you think being the First Lady is all about attending banquets and balls and living a lavish life in the White House, think again. Life is much more complex than that for the better half of the country’s leader. A lot is expected of her.

A First Lady has many responsibilities that make her the most important female in the country. How she goes about those responsibilities can greatly affect the reputation of the President as well as the whole nation.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the First Lady?

Did you know the First Lady doesn’t have to be the President’s wife? She can be his daughter, niece, or or even a daughter-in-law.

The First Lady may choose not to live in the White House.

She is expected to be the White House’s ambassador to charities and humanitarian causes.

The First Lady and her team must first learn the etiquette and customs of any foreign country before visiting there.

She has no salary, and she can only accept gifts up to a certain value. She is provided protection, housing, and travel accommodations  though.

It is the First Lady’s job to handle ceremonial and social events at the White House.

The First Lady must be politically active without having most of the political privileges (and the pay) that come with being elected.

She is even expected to campaign heavily, delivering speeches and make appearances with, or on behalf of, the candidate whenever possible.

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The First Lady is seen as a highly important role model, but most people have no idea the amount of pressure that comes with the title.