Researchers Have Just Discovered THIS Surprising Benefit Of Vaping

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Cigarette smoking has been tested and proven to cause lung cancer and other respiratory ailments, which is one of the many reasons why so many smokers are trying their hardest to quit once and for all. However, it’s not easy to let go of an addiction, which is why many are turning to e-cigarettes to help them quit.

Vaping is on the rise as a substitute for tobacco, and it is even quite popular with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, who was seen vaping during the Oscars. Recently, researchers from Britain and New Zealand discovered a very surprising fact about vaping.

As many have found out, quitting cigarette smoking can cause one to gain as much as 10 pounds.

However, researchers have found that vaping can help prevent weight gain and suppress appetite.

Nicotine is responsible for regulating the part of the brain that alerts the body of being full when eating. When a smoker tries to quit, the absence of nicotine makes the body think it’s hungry, even when it isn’t.

Th nicotine from vaping has the ability to curb the appetite.

It should be noted however that vaping has shown no weight loss effect on people who did not already smoke cigarettes.

Vaping can serve not just as a substitute for smoking, but as an effective first step in quitting smoking.

It’s easier to then quit vaping, as the physical side effects of doing so are fewer and less harsh than those of quitting smoking.

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Thanks to this discovery, the likelihood that cigarette smokers will switch to e-cigarettes is higher, and likelihood that smokers will quit altogether rises as well.