Scammers Are Selling Shaved Kittens As Sphynx For $700 And People Are Furious

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Sphynx cats look very different from other cat breeds, and because of (or despite) their unique physical characteristics, they’re sold for high prices. Many cat lovers turn to the internet or local sellers to buy these cats without knowing whether the cats being sold are genuine Sphynx cats or not.

Just recently, a scammer in Alberta, Canada was selling Sphynx kittens… except they weren’t the Sphynx breed at all. They were regular cats who’d simply been shaved, so they’d look like a Sphynx. Two weeks later, the buyer discovered it was a shaved kitten as its fur started to grow back.

JoAnne Dyck told CBC News that she bought a fake Sphynx for $700.

The seller shaved the kitten named Vlad and plucked his whiskers.

Two weeks later, his coat started to grow back.

Shayla Bastarache also bought a “Sphynx” cat for $650.

It turned out to be a shaved cat as well.

It was shocking to find out the cat wasn’t a Sphynx.

Scammers are going to extensive lengths to try to pass these poor cats off as Sphynx cats in order to try to make quick money. Be careful if you’re looking to buy one!

(via BoredPanda)

These kittens suffer cruelty in the hands of merciless individuals who are only trying to scam people. Hopefully there’s a special punishment waiting for these people in whatever version of the afterlife you believe in.