The Scary Reality Of Synthetic Marijuana And Why It Should Not Even Be Called Marijuana

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Potheads around the U.S. have rejoiced over the last couple of years, as marijuana has slowly become legalized in a few states. Research has shown that it can treat medical problems, and while some states have already legalized its use for recreational purposes, others are using it as a treatment for various medical conditions. However, the growing popularity of synthetic marijuana is a different animal. What many aren’t aware of is the fact that the synthetic form of the drug, which is a designer drug, has rather different effects on the user from the natural version of marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana/cannabinoids has become popular because it’s claimed to deliver the same high as its real counterpart while allowing the user to pass drug tests for it.


But in actuality, it causes violent behavior and horrific hallucinations.

It originally hit the the market in the early 2000s and was labeled as “safe marijuana” due to the alleged nature of it enabling the passing of drug tests.


Aside from the few people producing it, no one knows what goes into synthetic marijuana, which is obviously not safe.


It has now been proven that the use of synthetic marijuana even leads to eventual psychosis.


We’re not going to include any videos here of people using synthetic marijuana due to their very graphic nature, but if you want to see how harsh the effects of this drug can be, do a youtube search on it. It’s frightening. There are no regulations for synthetic cannabis and no testing. Based on the fact that we have no idea what’s in it and the awful effects that it has on its users, if you’re a fan of marijuana, it seems the best idea would be to stick to the real deal.

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