What This Single Dad Started Doing For His Daughter Is MESMERIZING

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Parents come up with some incredibly unique ways of showing their children just how much love they hold. Whether a child is being spoiled with their favorite gifts for birthdays and holidays, or being treated to a fun day of bonding with their parents, the creative possibilities are endless!

Unfortunately, spoiling one’s children can become a bit difficult when it comes to single parents. One man, Greg Wickherst, refused to let his status as a single father get in the way of making his daughter happy. In fact, he even started taking cosmetology lessons just because he wanted to learn how to braid his daughter’s hair. Wickherst never thought he’d be able to braid hair, but after a few tries he was creating masterpieces!

Check out some of the epic hairstyles below.

Izzy Wickherst gets to start every day with style thanks to her dad’s awesome new hobby.

Once he got the hang of it, the braids started getting more detailed.

 Wickherst gave Izzy a fun hairstyle for each day during the holidays, including this “elastic Christmas tree.”

He transformed Izzy’s hair into another Christmas tree, complete with gifts.

He used red ribbon to turn Izzy’s hair into a Santa hat.

He also created a stunning Christmas wreath hairstyle.

The most epic hairstyle of all has to be this adorable snowman.

 But Izzy says her personal favorite style was for Ugly Sweater Day at school, complete with a homemade sweater.

(via 22Words)

Wickherst believes that braiding his daughter’s hair is an incredible way for the two of them to bond as parent and child. The pair enjoy coming up with ideas for new styles, and the results are absolutely amazing! The Wickherst’s are definitely an inspiration to parents everywhere.