This Sneaky Six-Year-Old Used Her Mom’s Phone To Go On A Shopping Spree

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Advances of the internet have made it possible for anyone to shop anytime, anywhere. All that’s needed is to download an app or visit a store’s website, and you can immediately start finding and purchasing all kinds of products online.

Nowadays, memory options on smartphones make the checkout process much simpler. While having a smartphone memorize your accounts may make things simple, it can cause a major problem when others can get access. Bethany Howell went through this exact scenario when she discovered her daughter, a Pokemon fanatic, went on a little shopping spree.

Six-year-old Ashlynd and her mom Bethany were watching a movie, when she discovered her mom had fallen asleep.

She sneakily used her sleeping mom’s thumbprint to unlock her phone.

Seconds later, the little girl was shopping for Pokemon merchandise on Amazon.

The next morning, her parents were shocked to find that someone had spent roughly $250 on Amazon.

The Howell’s soon realized all of the items were being sent to their home.

The couple asked their daughter about it, and Ashlynd proudly admitted that she was shopping.

(via 22Words)

Although Ashlynd was extremely sneaky, she went only mildly punished. In fact, her parents even allowed her to keep nine of the items she purchased through her mom’s Amazon account. Overall, the Howell’s learned a valuable lesson to further secure their finances.