It Snowed In The Sahara For The First Time In 4 DECADES

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In the short time since winter officially began, it’s already brought some nasty storms with it, burying several cities under thick blankets of snow. For the most part, it has been in the typical areas that usually see this kind of winter weather. However, it has also brought some anomalies with it.

The most obvious of those anomalies occurred in the Sahara Desert. If there’s one place you wouldn’t expect to see snow, it has to be the Sahara. It’s the driest area of the world, and with an average temperature 86°F (30°C), it’s also the warmest. Nonetheless, for the first time in almost 40 years, people woke up to the sight of the Sahara Desert blanketed with snow.

The Sahara Desert is the warmest area in the world as well as the driest.

It hasn’t snowed there in almost 40 years.

But just recently, residents of Ain Sefra woke up to find snow covering the desert.

This shocking event was caught on camera by photographer Karim Bouchetata.

People who’ve seen the photos are stunned by the phenomenon.

But it didn’t last long as the temperature continued to rise.

The snow started to melt.

The Sahara will wait yet again for snow to fall.

(via ViralNova)