What This Special Ed. Teacher Did For Her Students TOTALLY Has The Internet Falling In Love With Her

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Teachers touch lives in so many ways. They help kids learn, prepare young adults for their future, and inspire youths to live up to their full potential. Those who work with special needs students have even more of a challenge on their hands, but Kinsey French shows that connections can be made no matter the circumstances.

French is a special education teacher from the Christian Academy Rock Creek in Kentucky. Her husband proposed to her in front of her entire class, so when she walked down the aisle on June 3, it only made sense that her students played a part in the wedding ceremony.

Kinsey French teaches children with Down Syndrome–a tough, but life-changing experience for the students and French.

Her husband proposed to her in front of her class! So cute!

On her big day, she invited her pupils to participate.

The students served as ring bearers and flower girls.

The group certainly made a memorable ceremony for the couple.

All her of pupils have Down Syndrome, but she does whatever she can to make them all feel like regular kids.

French says that the students were part of her first class at Christian Academy Rock Creek.

The boys joined in the garter toss.

The students said that they really enjoyed the dancing.

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Not only is French a teacher by profession, but her choice to invite her pupils to the wedding ceremony is a lesson to everyone that those with special needs are just like anyone else. The heartwarming bond between teacher and students is definitely reason enough for the world to fall in love with this teacher!