The Story Of This Bait Dog’s Recovery Will SHOCK You

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Not only is dog fighting illegal, many will say that it is also extremely inhumane. It’s a form of gambling wherein people bet on dogs as they fight each other–often to the death. Many use Pit bulls in dog fighting, but there are some dogs that refuse to fight. These dogs are typically used as bait dogs instead.

Abigail was a once bait dog. During one of the fights, the poor pup lost her ear all the way down to the drum. Fortunately, she was rescued from the fights and is improving each and everyday.

This is Abigail.

She was used as a bait dog

When rescuers found her, she needed several stitches.

Facebook / Bonnets for Abigail

Her ear was severely injured, having been bitten down to the eardrum.

She wears adorable bonnets to protect her wound.

People have donated a variety of super cute headwraps for the pup.

She gets to pick out a different accessory everyday.

(via ViralNova)

Abigail’s story is very inspiring. Despite the pain she went through during the fights, she was able to survive thanks to her rescuers and to those who have showed their love and support.