Could This SUPER CREEPY Voicemail Really Be From Something…Inhuman??

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We’ve all gotten that voicemail before where someone accidentally “pocket dialed” us, and you can’t make out whatever dialogue and other noises their phone speaker picked up from the background. At first, Judy thought she’d received just such a voicemail. However, upon listening to it again, she quickly became very frightened.

She’d received (and missed) several calls in a row from the home she grew up in. Her elderly mother lives in the home still. Judy assumed at first that the calls were from her mother. When Judy noticed that a voicemail was left from one of the calls, she played it back and was immediately paralyzed with fear. She knew the voice, and it wasn’t from anything living. You see, Judy was haunted by something in her home during childhood. It got to the point where her parents, not knowing what else to do, call a priest in. Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

Now, whatever it is, it apparently has something to tell her.

It’s difficult to decipher exactly what’s said in the video. The general consensus is that through the static, her name is being said repeatedly. Do you think this is the most epic pocket dial ever, or is a spirit or something really trying to contact her through the phone?