Taylor Swift Wore THE Deadpool Costume To A Costume Party

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Yes, Halloween was more than 2 weeks ago, but here’s one that nearly got lost in the fold. And T-swift nation is sure to eat it up, so this one’s for you. It’s really no secret at this point that Swift loves costumes. This year however, she took it to the next level.

She attended a costume party for Halloween, where she decided to go as Deadpool. However, she didn’t bother with buying some mass-produced Deadpool costume. No… She went straight to the source. She borrowed it from Ryan Reynolds himself. After all, what better costume is there than the original?

Taylor Swift loves wearing costumes, as seen here in an Olaf costume.

She never fails to amuse her fans.

This year she celebrated Halloween with a gang of her friends, and she decided to dress as Deadpool.

She didn’t wear just any Deadpool costume, however. She borrowed the original one from Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively approves the costume herself.

(via BuzzFeed)

It’s interesting to note that Reynolds’ costume appears to fit Swift very well, implying that she and Reynolds are at least close to the same size. There seems to be no mention anywhere of the costume having been altered either.