The Teacher Put THIS Under Her Students’ Desks, And Now They’re More Focused Than Ever

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This math teacher has come up with possibly the best idea ever for helping typically fidgety students to remain focused throughout their full hour of class. Bethany Lambeth decided to affix cycling machines to the students’ desks. The machines sit beneath the desk, allowing the student to pedal while sitting at his or her desk during class.

Lambeth says she has seen decrease in the amount of work missed and a “huge increase” in the students’ quality of work. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the students seem to really like it. They’ve noticed that it helps them stay focused, and it helps them to release their extra energy.

Bethany Lambeth is a math teacher from Wake County.

She noticed her students were not focused on their lessons. They would drum their fingers on their desk, talk to their classmates or physically harass each other.

She came up with a clever solution to the problem.

She put cycling machines under the desk of her students. They stay focused during lessons while pedaling. They released their energy this way and at the same time stay attentive during class.

Each machine costs $150 but has been well worth it so far.

The students have shown amazing progress in their work, and they seem to really enjoy using these cycling machines.

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These desk cycles are working out incredibly well. Lambeth’s students are now more attentive to their lessons, and as a result, they’re performing far better than before.