The Internet Can’t Get Over This Teen’s Bob Ross-Inspired Eyeshadow

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An increasing number of teenage girls today are becoming makeup experts. Thanks to YouTube, they are able to learn these from talented makeup artists. Many of them hone their skills then go on to have their own YouTube channels. Some have accrued thousands or even millions of subscribers.

Jenny Srimuang is one of these talented teens who can create magic with a palette and brushes. Just recently, she decided to make an eyeshadow design inspired by none other than the artist Bob Ross.

Check it out below!

19-year-old Jenny from Pomona, California loves makeup.

Jenny Srimuang

She’s also a big fan of Bob Ross.

One day, she watched one of his videos and was inspired.

She decided to create a design on her eyelid similar to one of his paintings.

Here’s a closeup of her finished product.

Jenny Srimuang / Via Twitter: @thai_brows

People seemed to love it.

They appreciate the amazing detail.

It even changed the way some people see makeup.

(via BuzzFeed)

Indeed, Bob Ross would be proud of her design.