Do You Have Terrible Breath? It’s Probably From One Or More Of These 5 Causes

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So, you brush your teeth quite often. Have you ever wondered why sometimes the mouth still carries a foul odor? It can be very embarrassing to notice your bad breath when in an interview, an important meeting, or face-to-face with a budding romance.

Many people can feel helpless when trying to find the source of their bad breath. Surprisingly, brushing your teeth is not the only factor that plays into the odor! Read on to learn about five more factors that affect your breath.

1. Dehydration



Staying hydrated can help increase the flow of saliva and avoid bacteria build up in the mouth (which can lead to the annoying cotton mouth).

2. Sugar



Foods that have high amounts of sugar can turn the mouth into a breeding grounds for bacteria. For instant relief, chewing on a small amount of herbs like parsley can help eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

3. Low-carb diets



If you’re on a low-carb diet, chances are your body is getting energy from ketones found in your bloodstream. This is a back-up source of energy, but ketones can create extremely foul odors. Crunchy fruits and veggies can help increase saliva production and clear plaque from those hard-to-reach places.

4. Coffee and alcohol



Coffee and alcoholic drinks tend to dry up the mouth, causing bacteria to multiply quickly. If you are going to drink either of these, plan to take in a decent amount of water to help flush out your system.

5. Skipping breakfast



The mouth can get very dry while sleeping, thus allowing bacteria to multiply. If you skip breakfast, you’re missing out on the opportunity to produce saliva early in the morning in order to make up for it. Try an apple as suggested above, or have an orange to get the saliva flowing.

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Remember to always be responsible when it comes to your health and hygiene! By learning the common causes of bad breath, you can practice altering your daily routine in order to avoid foul breath.