These Incredible Hidden Sculptures Can Only Be Found Using A Treasure Map

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Thomas Dambo is no ordinary artist. His most known creations are his wooden giants, all of which are created using only recycled wood. Dambo was able to build 25 of the huge sculptures which are hidden around the world. His most recent creations are a group of 6 troll-like creatures scattered throughout the woods of Copenhagen, Denmark, and they have certainly been making quite the statement.

Dambo is a Danish artist who makes giant sculptures out of recycled materials.

Each of his 6 sculptures in Copenhagen have names to reflect their personalities.

This is Teddy Friendly.

This is Oscar Under the Bridge.

This is sleeping Louis.

This is Hilltop Trine.

This is Little Tilde.

This is Thomas on the Mountain.

Dambo leaves behind poems to serve as clues for those looking for the giants.

Here’s a sample of the treasure maps .

(via BoredPanda)

Dambo is a very creative sculpture who adds a fun twist to all his creations. He proves that one can do great things from materials people often throw away. His giants are sculptures unlike any other, and you will never find anything else quite like them!