You’ll Think Twice Before Using This Road. It Is Known For Its Disappearing Act

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Would you drive on a road that disappears underwater twice a day, every day? That’s a question you’d have to answer if you planned to visit or move to a particular island in France. There’s a 2.58 mile (4.15 km) long road that connects the island of Noirmoutier to France’s mainland.

The road, named “Passage du Gois”, disappears twice every day amidst high tide. In fact, after the tide rolls in and reaches its highest point, the road is underneath a whopping 13 feet (4 meters) of water. They’ve had to construct rescue towers that people can climb and await rescue if they get caught by the tide coming in over the road.

This is France’s disappearing road.

It’s called Passage du Gois.

It’s 2.58 miles (4.15 km) long and connects the mainland to the island of Noirmoutier.

It disappears twice a day during high tide.

There are special panels on both sides of the road to help people know when it’s safe to cross.

Rescue towers are available in case of emergency.

The road sits below 13 feet (4 meters) of water when the tide reaches its highest point.

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Many people use this road everyday. It’s dangerous, but it’s the island’s only access to the mainland aside from owning one’s own boat.