It’s His Third Term As Mayor, And He’s Not Even Human

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Dogs are known for being man’s best friend. They make for the most loyal pets that anyone could ask for. But did you know that they can be excellent public servants too?

As a matter of fact, a dog in Cormorant, Minnesota was recently re-elected as mayor, and he is now on his third term. His career as a politician began in 2014, and since then, he has gained the trust and confidence of his constituents. Here’s his story.


Duke is a 9-year-old Great Pyrenees who serves as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota.

He was first elected mayor in 2014.

Last Sunday, he was sworn into office for the third time.


Twitter: @EEdythe8

According to his owner, Karen Nelson, he has done a lot for their community.


Twitter: @EEdythe8

She also said she doesn’t know who would run against him.

In 2014, he accepted the challenges and responsibilities of being mayor by panting.


Twitter: @EEdythe8

When preparing to swear Duke in, an event organizer said “Of course, he’s not going to repeat it. It would be awesome if he would bark, but who knows? He’s a country dog, so he’s not used to performing on cue.” The oath was followed by ““If you accept this challenge and these responsibilities, please bark or pant,” and panting ensued.

(via BuzzFeed)

Duke ensures that despite the chaotic world of politics, there’s still hope for all of us. Who knows? Perhaps he’ll run for Congress next. After all, if he were to win, he’d certainly be one of the more competent members.