This Two-Faced Cat Might Just Be The CUTEST Critter You’ll Ever See

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There are many different breeds of cats out there, but a two-faced kitty is something that isn’t seen often. It’s common to find cats with a variety of different fur types, body types, or those with different colored eyes. However, finding a cat that possesses two faces in one is definitely something out of the ordinary.

Yana is a a very unique cat, born with what is often called chimerism. One look at her, and you may think she has two faces.

Meet Yana, the two-faced cat.

She lives with Elizabeth from Orsha, Belarus.

Elizabeth found her through an ad on a site called Nasha Niva.

Elizabeth took her in July of last year.

Yana is what geneticists would call a Chimera kitty.

Her two-toned fur is the result of two fertilized eggs merging.

Yana has her own Instagram account.

She currently has more than 16k followers.

She may just be one of the most popular cats on Instagram.

Her markings are one-of-a-kind.

(via BoredPanda)

This cat is certainly a unique little critter, and thanks to her mom Elizabeth, her Instagram followers get to see her adorable mismatched fur everyday!