The Top 10 Most Annoying People You Have To Deal With During Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is not only a tradition, but it’s also one of the most significant times of the year when families get together to enjoy a hearty meal and catch up with what each other has going on in their lives.

However, it’s also one of those celebrations when you potentially have to deal with some very annoying people who can definitely dampen your mood. Below are examples of some of the most annoying people you’re likely to encounter this Thanksgiving.

1. The aunt who’s wondering when you’ll find Mr. Right.

2. The uncle who only wants to talk about religion and politics.

3. The guest who decides to complain about the meal, as if you didn’t spend hours preparing it.

4. The vegetarian who’ll judge you for serving and eating turkey.

5. The child who will try to ruin your day and possibly everyone else’s too.

6. The cousin who won’t stop making obscene jokes and offending everyone present.

7. That social media addict who’s more interested in photographing the food and putting it on Instagram than anything else.

8. The drunk who’s trying to hide it (and probably failing).

9. The health fanatic keeping track of your carb intake.

10. The family member who wants everyone to listen his or her every problem.

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