Unique Map Shows Tourism Slogans Of Countries Around The World

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With all of the different incarnations of GPS these days, maps aren’t quite the necessity they used to be. That is, of course, unless you’re traveling in a third world country or some remote area where you may not have a consistent cellular or satellite data service.

A website called Family Break Finder has recently created an interesting map with a twist to it though. They’ve compiled each country’s tourism slogan (except for the 38 that don’t have a slogan) all into one fascinating map. Check it out!

This map shows every country’s tourism slogan.

The tourism slogans give you an idea on what each country has to offer tourists.

It beats searching the web on your next destination.

Many countries include the word “beautiful” in their slogans to catch people’s attention – so much so that it’s the most used word on the map.

Others promise of fun and exciting experiences.

And some encourage tourists to explore and discover.

Some of the slogans seem a lot more fitting than others, don’t you think?

(via BoredPanda)

This is a pretty amusing map. They should make a print version for anyone who’d like to use it as a decorative/conversation piece.