This Unusual Cat Won’t Stop Doing This

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Cats are full of tricks and surprises. They can also be pretty unpredictable. Keys takes that to all new levels. She is not your ordinary cat.

She does something highly unusual for a cat that apparently no one can explain. Her owner has now nicknamed her “Goalkitty”. See the photos below to find out why!

Keys likes putting her paws in the air.

Nobody, not even her owner, knows why.

Peter Mares just saw her doing just that one day and took her picture.

She did it again the following day.

Now it has turned into a habit.

Her nickname is now Goalkitty.

Supercat probably would have been just as fiting.

Sometimes, she just puts her paws in the air as if she’s worshiping something.

Well, whatever her reasons for doing what she does, she’s the only one who knows why.

(via BoredPanda)

Goalkitty likes to put her paws in the air and enjoys the attention she gets from doing it. Have you seen any other cat do this? Let us know in the comments below!