This Video Is So Funny, You’ll Immediately Re-watch It. AND It Has Cats.

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Meet Trogdor, the cat. At least it’s presumed that’s his name with what little information there is to go on. This video is apparently a retelling, via his feline, of one user’s attempts to get his images and videos to go viral enough to make the front page of that website. Or perhaps the clips were his literal attempts. It’s a little hard to decipher. Again, there’s very little to go on.

One thing is certain, this video is hilarious. You’ll probably be in tears by the end – just like Trogdor.

(via imgur)

Either way, Trogdor’s owner finally succeeded in making imgur’s front page thanks to this video. And now, the all important question. Were you in tears at the end of it? And be honest…how many times did you watch it?