She Went To Homecoming As T-Rex And Was Crowned Homecoming Queen

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Homecoming is tradition in high school that many students look forward to every year. Of course a big part of that is the inevitable crowning of Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen. And we can’t forget about the pep rally. A 17 year old from Colorado named Sarah had just gotten her first paycheck, and immediately went out and bought a T-Rex costume for the pep rally.

She and her boyfriend were then nominated for the Homecoming court, and she was trying to figure out what to wear for it, as the nominees had to wear semi-formal attire. She and her mom decided to put a tutu on the T-Rex costumer to make it semi-formal. They thought the idea was hilarious, and well, they weren’t wrong.

17-year-old Sarah got herself a T-Rex costume with her first paycheck.


Twitter: @sarahmac2859

She attached a yellow tutu to it and wore the costume to homecoming.


Twitter: @sarahmac2859

She wore it to spirit day first then decided to wear it for homecoming court. She says “I thought it was awesome and hilarious.”

She and her boyfriend won and were crown Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen.


Twitter: @sarahmac2859

She later changed into a dress for the dance.

She posted about it on Twitter, and everyone loved the idea.

(via BuzzFeed)

Sarah had the sense of humor and the courage to wear a goofy costume when the rest of the girls were wearing dresses. We would’ve voted for T-Rex too.