When His Girlfriend Was Fat-Shamed, This Guy Stopped At Nothing To Prove His Love

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Regardless of whether or not a couple have been dating for long, it only makes sense that they stand up for each other. A young couple from Indianapolis, Indiana shared their prom photos all over social media. Madison eventually posted said photos on Twitter as well. Not long after she posted the photo,  a stranger insulted the relationship and fat-shamed her. The comment was extremely hurtful, but her boyfriend soon came to the rescue. He showered her with compliments and love, which have since taken the couple’s posts viral.

Madison and Tre are a truly adorable couple.

The pair had prom pictures taken and Madison posted them on Twitter.

For no apparent reason, a stranger fat-shamed Madison.

Madison reacted with a short response after the initial comment was made.

Tre also reacted by showering Madison with compliments and love.

He also reminded her that she is perfect–especially to him.

Madison referred to Tre as her soulmate and says that she is blessed to have him.

People on the internet are also showing their support and are praising the couple.

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Madison is lucky to have such a handsome, caring, and thoughtful boyfriend. Tre certainly has proved that chivalry isn’t dead, and that love goes far beyond what a person person looks like on the outside.