After His Wife Of 60 Years Died, He Found THIS In Her Checkbook

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Can you imagine saying your last goodbye to the person you spent your entire adult life in love with? That’s exactly what Jimmy Breland had to do when his wife of 60 years, Billie, passed away. The two had been together for 6 decades, and his heart understandably shattered when his wife died.

Billie had been a note writer. She wrote down things that were funny and quotes she wanted to remember, and she carefully documented every photograph in their home. When Jimmy was going through Billie’s things after she passed, he came across a note in her checkbook. He opened it and found a very nice surprise from his wife that will leave you in tears.

Jimmy and Billie had been married for 60 years.

Billie passed away recently after undergoing surgery. She was 83 years old.

She had a bad fall that broke her hip. The surgery was successful, but she passed away shortly after.

Billie was a school teacher, and she loved to write notes to remind herself of things.

She would write down quotes and funny things she wanted to remember. Jimmy was going through her things after she passed, when this happened…

Jimmy came across Billie’s checkbook, and when he looked inside, found this surprise from his wife.

She left him this special note out of her undying love and devotion. Through the end, she wanted him to be happy.

Nobody knows when Billie wrote this letter, but it’s a reflection of the couple’s never ending love for each other.

(via Yellowhammer)

Billie may no longer be with Jimmy and their family, but her memories will live on. The note she left him will serve as an inspiration, knowing she’s there waiting for him.