This Wife Told Her Hubby He’s Going To Be A Daddy In The Most Surprising Way Ever

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Leave it to new expecting mothers to come up with the sweetest and most surprising ways to announce their pregnancy. Some just want to make the grand announcement as memorable as possible like this wife who conspired with her wedding photographer to stage a pregnancy announcement photoshoot to tell her unsuspecting hubby.

Brianne Dow, 24, was excited to inform her husband about the good news, but she waited for just the right time to do it. Here’s how she did it:

Brianne Dow is pregnant but instead of telling her husband, Brandon, about it right away, she decided to wait until the moment was perfect.

She asked the help of their wedding photographer, Samantha Boos.

Together, they staged the most memorable pregnancy announcement ever.

Boos invited Brandon for a photo shoot at a park. She told him the couple won her session getaway and that she was ready to take their photos.

During the photo shoot, she asked the couple to write three words that best describe their partner.

Brandon wrote these words:

While Brianne, wrote this:

When they turned around to face each other, Brandon was extremely surprised.


He cried and held his wife tight.

He was overcome with joy, and it was just as perfect as Brianne had hoped it would be.

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Isn’t this the sweetest and most unforgettable way for a wife to tell her husband he’s going to be a daddy? The photos from the photoshoot have gone viral and now have over 270,000 likes on Facebook.