These Wines Come With Short Stories Cleverly Hidden In The Labels!

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Wine can be paired with many things including a variety of cheeses and meats, chocolates, and more. Italian winery Matteo Correggia, however, along with design agency Reverse Innovation, have paired (no pun intended) for a new take on this concept.

They are pairing wines with literature in what they are calling Librottiglia, which comes from the Italian words for “book” and “bottle”. With this creation, the labels on the wine bottles, in addition to information about the content, each contain a short story in Italian.


Matteo Correggia worked with Reverse Innovation to come up with Librottiglia.

This line of wine is composed of two reds and one white.

Librottiglia comes from “book” and “bottle” in Italian.

The bottles have minimalist designs but once you tug at the twine, you get a surprise.

A story in Italian awaits.

Each story perfectly complements the wine it is paired with.

The stories are written in Italian, but hopefully, English versions will be out soon.

(via 22Words)

Can you think of a better and more entertaining way to drink wine? If you can read Italian, have a glass and get lost in the stories you can find on each bottle. Otherwise, you may want to wait for English versions like the rest of us.