You Won’t Believe The Number Of Fingers And Toes This Baby Boy Has

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One in approximately every thousand babies born will have at least one extra finger or toe. This anomaly is referred to as polydactyly, and is also know as hyperdactyly. A more unusual and particularly severe instance of this recently occurred with a newborn baby in China name Hong Hong.

Amazingly, Hong Hong was born with a combined 31 fingers and toes. Polydactyly is a genetic mutation, and in this case, the baby inherited it from his mother who has an extra finger on each hand and an extra toe on each foot. Due to concerns about health risks and hardships, the parents are hoping to crowdfund $30,000 to afford surgery for the infant.

Recently, a baby in China named Hong Hong was born with 31 fingers and toes.

This condition is called polydactyly.

This condition can affect Hong Hong’s growth and development.

He needs to undergo surgery to remove his extra fingers and toes and reshape his hands and feet, so he can live a normal life.

The family is hoping to crowdfund the $30,000 surgery and have raised $6,000 thus far.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have information on where they are crowdfunding it, or we would include the link here.