He Worked 10 Hours A Day For The Last 3.5 Years To Create This Beautiful Painting

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For anyone who has forgotten, the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake that hit Japan was the 4th most powerful earthquake in the world since current record-keeping methods started 117 years ago. The quake and the massive tsunami that followed caused over 15,000 casualties and combined for the costliest natural disaster in history, with an estimated economic cost of $235 billion USD.

They have rebuilt now and nearly six years later, Japan is as strong as ever. A pen and ink artist named Manabu Ikeda used it as an inspiration to create his masterpiece, entitled Rebirth. The Japanese artist started working on it in 2013 and 3.5 years later, after spending 10 hours a day on it, 6 days a week, he’s finally done, and it’s a sight to behold.

Manabu Ikeda is a Japanese artist.

He works with pen and ink.

In 2013, he started working on a massive panting.

He named it Rebirth.

The painting is 13×10 foot (4×3 m) and features a tree growing amidst the disaster.

A closer look at the painting will reveal details of what happened during the disasters.

The long wait was worth it, as the finished product is breathtaking.

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According to Manabu, pen and ink are his best tools to express how he sees details. Rebirth showed exactly that.