You WON’T BELIEVE Who Adopted This Group of Abandoned Baby Skunks

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For some, skunks may not be the most ideal house pet. Although their fluffy tail and slinky body may resemble an ordinary cat, they’re known to emit an incredibly foul odor when threatened or provoked.

When these baby skunks were abandoned by their mother, they were completely unable to care for themselves.
The kits were left in harms way, running the risk of starvation or becoming prey to another animal. Luckily, their rescue came to them in the form of a sweet dog named Freddie.

These baby skunks were abandoned by their mother.

Freddie the dog took the kits in as if they were her own.

Freddie stayed by their side 24/7.

As Freddie provided comfort, the owner’s hand-fed the skunks every two hours.

Watch an adorable interaction between Freddie and her babies below.

(via BoredPanda)

Although many wild animals are rejected by their mothers at birth, it is heartwarming to know that creatures of all kinds are willing to step up. Despite the fact that Freddie is very different from her young skunks, she has stopped at nothing to care for the babies like they’re her own.