This Couple Looks Almost Identical And People Are Losing It

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Identical twins look so much alike because they come from one zygote being formed into two embryos – put simply – two humans from the same egg. But for two completely unrelated people to have almost identical faces is rare. For them to end up together as a couple is obviously extremely rare.

However, that’s exactly what has happened in Massachusetts. Yamily Vazquez and Edgar Pareves have been dating for four months, and those who know them are aware of how similar they look. Now the internet has taken notice. Take a look for yourself.

Yazquez and Pareves have been dating for four months.

Yamily Vazquez

Just recently, they took a Snapchat selfie of themselves.

Yamily Vazquez

Vazquez posted it on Twitter and it began to go viral.

People can’t believe they look so alike.

The couple didn’t expect their photo to go viral, but they enjoyed the attention.

Yamily Vazquez

(via BuzzFeed)

They definitely don’t look identical, but there is certainly some noticeable similarity.