Science Proved These 9 Things Will Make You Less Attractive

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7. Lack of sleep


Lack of sleep will definitely make you less attractive. Aside from the fact that you’ll look like a zombie, those around you will see you as someone who’s unhealthy, less responsible, and just plain sad.

8. Poor posture and pose


Your posture and body language can make you look more attractive or less attractive. Poor posture, poses that make you look less confident, and closed-off body language like crossing your arms can all make you appear less attractive. “Power poses” on the other hand tend to make you come off as confident and therefore attractive.

9. Overly lazy


A study of students report that they are more attracted to those who appear “helpful”. Laziness will only make one unattractive since, obviously, they would also appear unhelpful. Beyond that though, it really just seems like someone who’s a lazy slob is ultimately going to be unappealing. Have you ever been to a guy or girl’s home for the first time, and there was dirty laundry everywhere, dirty dishes piled high in the kitchen or strewn about the common areas, and unpleasant odors coming from multiple directions? Yuck. That’s a red flag big enough to make any reasonably intelligent person run far away and fast.

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The next time you want to impress someone, bear these things in mind. They’re your ticket to becoming more attractive to those around you.

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