Top 10 Funniest Engrish Shirts

Exactly why someone would purchase a shirt with wording on it which they don’t understand, I’m not sure, but hey, it’s their money. To be fair, all of the Americans walking around with tattoos of Japanese lettering probably look just as silly to many of these people. By the way, why are people still doing that 15+ years later? Just when I think that trend is dead, I hear of someone getting a new one…

Anyway, getting back on track, these hilarious Engrish t-shirts are obviously being worn by people who don’t much speak English, if any, and it has to make one wonder: Do the people designing and creating these tee shirts also not understand English, or are they playing a cruel joke on their customers?

10. THE SEXY FACE: Never Stop Studying

20 Foreigners Who Have No Idea What Their Shirt Is Saying. #19 Is An Epic Facepalm.

You nailed it. thumbs-up