Doing Any Of These 11 Things At Night Will Lead To Weight Gain

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Are you trying and struggling to be healthier and in better shape? Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight through exercise, heavy workouts, dieting, supplements and more. Perhaps those things have still failed, even after several attempts.

If you’re one of us who fit that description, then it’s time to analyze our habits at night (or before bed for those who work night shifts and sleep during the day). Below you’ll find some bad nighttime habits that are responsible for the extra inches around our waist lines that we have tried so hard to lose.

1. Skipping dinner (or any meal) slows down the metabolism, triggering the body to store fat. It also causes us to potentially overeat at our next meal.

2. Overeating can prevent the body from metabolizing all of that food.

3. Eating fried foods for dinner leads to weight gain, because the body isn’t able to burn all those calories before sleep.

4. Eating spicy foods for dinner can cause heartburn and indigestion.

5. Eating carb-heavy foods can be too much for the body to metabolize before going to sleep.

6. Snacking after dinner means ingesting more calories.

7. Sugar and flour, which is heavily involved in most desserts, turns to fat.

8. Drinking alcohol provides the body with empty calories – calories which may not have time to burn off before going to bed.

9. Staying up late at night slows down the metabolism and makes us crave food.

10. Using electronics at night which produce blue-spectrum light, such as a cellphone, can deprive you of proper sleep, causing the metabolism and digestion processes to function less efficiently.

11. Hitting the bed immediately after dinner deprives the body of the chance to digest food properly.

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Anyone who’s trying to lose weight should benefit from getting rid of any these unhealthy nighttime habits. It will go along way toward helping one achieve their ideal figure!