13 Awesome 80s & 90s Artifacts That Will Make You Nostalgic

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Ah, there’s nothing quite like a nice, tall glass of nostalgia. Come to get get your fix? Here are some images and gifs that are sure to spark, for better or worse, plenty of memories from the 80s and 90s!

1. Good ole AOL dial-up!

AOL dialup source: giphy


2. In a time long before iPhones and Angry Birds, there was The Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trailsource: imgur


3. I bet you can still recite the theme song…

Reading Rainbowsource: imgur


4. We had Daniel San!
Every boy definitely tried the crane kick more than once.

The Karate Kidsource: movieposter.com


5. And we had Angelica…

rugratsrugrats angelicasource: imgur


6. Kevin McCallister, the Home Alone series, and the Talkboy!

talkboysource: valentinoliver.com


7. That cat with the headphones though.



8. After that, who remembers Kazaa and Morpheus? Then came Limewire.
What’d they have in common?

songmemesource: reddit


9. Of course, the road to all that was paved by the Sony Discman!
Who remembers bass boost?!

source: hifiengine


10. And who can forget this process…
(Check out that poster on the wall too!)

cartridge blowsource: TechCrunch


11. Long before Bing and Google, we had the library’s card catalog and these:

britannicasource: surfvvax imgur post


12. Sad, but true.

Cassette Tapessource: surfvvax imgur post


13. Did this post made you feel like this?

conairsource: cvcdn.com


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