3 Of The Creepiest Things Ever Caught On Security Cameras

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We’re going to warn you up front. These are seriously creepy – some of the creepiest things ever caught on security cameras. So creepy they may be nightmare inducing. If you scare easily, it would be in your best interest not to watch them.

These don’t go after cheap thrills or screams by popping an image up suddenly that makes you jump and scream. They’re not some questionable footage that may have been altered or was fake from the start. They’re genuinely creepy, real-life footage from security cameras. If you proceed, well… You were warned.

After breaking into their house, this guy watched a couple sleep for 10 minutes.

Wrinkles the Clown has been terrorizing people in South Florida.


This burglar sneaks up to the crib and stares at the baby.


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