A Very Faithful Dog Visits Her Dying Owner For One Last Goodbye

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Many people consider their pets to be a part of their family. These animals can often be quite therapeutic and are treated like children by their humans. Many of these are showered with unconditional love and affection.

Ryan Jessen and his dog, Mollie, were the best of friends. When Jessen’s health took a turn for the worst while in the hospital, the staff allowed his furry buddy to visit him and say goodbye for the last time. Video was taken of Jessen’s dog, Molly, bidding farewell to her owner during the encounter, and it has now gone viral.

33-year-old Ryan Jessen suffered from a brain hemorrhage that he thought to be a migraine.

Shortly after being admitted to a hospital for treatment, Jessen passed away.

The hospital staff allowed Molly to visit her owner, despite typical hospital rules.

The pup bade farewell to her human for the last time.

Jessen’s sister says that the grieving Molly is very much a part of the family.

The pup is now being taken care of by Jessen’s sister.

(via BoredPanda)

Although she may be just a dog, Molly and many other animals just like her are capable of feeling human-like emotions. Luckily for Molly, she is in very good hands and will remain in the Jessen family. After his death, Jessen’s heart was donated to help save the life of a teen, just in time for the holiday season, so a part of Molly’s owner will live on.