This Father And Daughter Duo Recreate Gorgeous Scenes From Beauty And The Beast

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Many young girls love to play dress-up, but only get a chance to do so during the Halloween season. Pretending to be their favorite character means finding all  of the right costumes and completing the look with cute makeup.

Josh Rossi knows how much his daughter, Nellee, adores Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. As a photographer and loving father, Rossi pulled a few strings in order to turn his daughter into Belle and created a magical photoshoot!

Rossi is a professional photographer.

In honor of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film, he and his daughter recreated a few classic scenes.

The photos are very realistic and the costuming is absolutely gorgeous.

The pair even recreated the famous dancing scene from the movie.

Turning Nellee into her new favorite character resulted in spot-on recreations.

(via 22Words)

Despite Nellee’s age, it is safe to say that she will cherish her transformation into Belle for years to come. Thanks to excellent photography and Photoshop skills, Rossi is definitely in the running for “Father of the Year.”