This Girl Wanted A “Mulan” Inspired School ID And She Got IT…Best.ID.EVER

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As each new school year starts, many students have their pictures taken for their school ID. Most of them are very concerned about how they’ll look in their ID, and they take time to make sure they look their best by touching up their makeup and ensuring their hair’s in place.

However the incoming senior, 17-year-old June Kyra Dela Chica had something much different in mind. While others were primping and beautifying themselves, she was busy transforming herself into a character from Disney’s Mulan. You won’t believe what she looked like in her ID.

Kyra dela Chica is going to be a senior in a high school located in Oregon.


Kyra Dela Chica

When it was her turn to have her photo taken for hew new school ID, the photographer didn’t expect to see her like this.


Twitter: @junekyraaa

She transformed her face into The Matchmaker from Mulan.


Twitter: @junekyraaa

She told the photographer that it was okay for her to look like that in her ID and that the admins were fine with it.


Twitter: @junekyraaa

She posted her photos and ID online, and they quickly went viral, collecting over 40,000 retweets on Twitter.


Twitter: @junekyraaa

People everywhere love it, and now parody accounts are using or imitating her pictures.


Twitter: @junekyraaa

(via BuzzFeed)

Dela Chica has turned into an overnight sensation. Instagram and Twitter can’t get enough of her. She showed a lot of creativity and proved that the only thing better than being yourself is being yourself while impersonating a Disney character.