Her Goldfish Swallowed A Pebble And She Spent $500 On Surgery To Remove It

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Unfortunately, goldfish are often viewed as one of the more disposable forms of pets. This may be do to the fact that, in most areas, they are pretty easy and inexpensive to replace. Luckily for this goldfish in Brisbane, Australia, its owner does not subscribe to that view.

This particular goldfish, whose name, incidentally, is Conquer, accidentally swallowed a black pebble. Its owner took Conquer to the nearest fish veterinarian who, after performing an exam to diagnose the problem, carried out a $500 surgery to save little Conquer’s life (let the puns begin).

The Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services center recently had a less than ordinary client.


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A goldfish named Conquer was rushed to their clinic one day in an emergency.


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During an examination, the doctor discovered the fish had a swallowed a pebble which was now stuck in its throat.

Conquer was given an anesthetic and was prepared for surgery.


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Conquer’s mouth was spread open, and they went in for the pebble.


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The doctor was able to quickly extract it using a special device.

 The surgery was over just as fast as it had begun.


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Conquer is in much better condition and is now happily back in his tank.


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It was a $500 surgery on a fish that cost $12. Now that’s love!

(via BuzzFeed)

People regularly spend that kind of money for the health of their cat or dog, but it’s definitely not common to hear about someone doing that for a goldfish. A spokesperson for the clinic that performed the surgery commented on this as well, calling it “humbling and heartwarming” to see. We have to agree!