A Screeching Baby Mandrake Completes This Harry Potter-Themed Photo Shoot

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Having a mom and dad who are die hard Harry Potter fans has its perks. You can have a Harry Potter-themed bedroom or even have a Hogwarts birthday with a cake similar to the one Hagrid gave Harry. Most importantly, your parents could show their love for this unforgettable character the moment you were born by giving you a Harry Potter-themed newborn photo shoot like the one below.

Jesse and Katherine Oldfield from Eugene, Oregon are Harry Potter fans who  share their passion of the wizarding world with their children.


When their eldest son, Sebastian, was only 8 months old, they had a Harry Potter-themed photo shoot for him in a graveyard.


Just recently, they had a new son named Theodore and decided to have a Harry Potter-themed photo shoot for him with the help of photographer Kelsey Clouse .


This time, they got the inspiration from the second book of the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


They turned their newborn into a screeching Mandrake while Sebastian was dressed as Harry Potter.


( via BoredPanda )

This one of a kind newborn photo shoot will go down in the history of the wizarding world as one of the most creative ever. The baby mandrake, despite the loud cries, will definitely win your heart.