You’ll Be SHOCKED When You Find Out Who This Couple Invited To Their Wedding

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Prince Edward Island was the location of an August wedding between Matthew and Amy Ramsay. Specifically, they got married on a potato farm which is appropriate since Prince Edward Island is known for its potatoes.

In the same vein, it only made sense to invite the official mascot of the local potato board. The couple also thought “it would be great entertainment for the kids, and maybe the adults too.” Thus, Tate the Tater was added to the guest list.

This is Tate the Tater.

Tate is the mascot of the Prince Edward Island Potato Board, which oversees the farm at which the couple declared their “I do’s.”

This giant potato is a well-known celebrity throughout the province.

In late August, Tate became a surprise guest at a wedding.

Matthew and Amy Ramsay loved the idea of having the fun-loving mascot share their special day.

Tate spent time amusing the guests, taking pictures, and more.

He was a huge hit with the kids.

The bride and groom suspected kids and adults alike would enjoy Tate the Tater’s presence, and they were right!

Tate the Tater even shared a special dance with the bride.

(via BuzzFeed)

The Ramsay’s had a blast with their loved ones and their guest of honor, and the wedding will surely be the talk of the town for some time. Tate the Tater just goes to show that mascots aren’t just for sporting events and pep rallies. They’re much more versatile than that!