This Stray Dog Loves Giving Presents And Now Everybody Wants To Adopt Him

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Stray dogs often rely mostly on whatever food kind strangers feed them. After all, they don’t have an owner to look out for their needs. Between roaming the streets and rummaging in trash cans for scraps hoping to fill their empty stomachs, they often go long periods between meals.

A woman in Thailand gives food regularly to the homeless dogs in her neighborhood, and one of them loves giving her presents in return. Now the dog has gotten the attention of the internet, and the fans that come with that.

Orawan Kaewla-iat feeds homeless dogs.

One of the dogs named Tua Plu loves giving her presents in exchange for food.

He’ll give her leaves and papers.

Tua Plu and his story went viral and now people on the internet want to adopt him.

(via BoredPanda)

This little guy’s online fan base just keeps growing. It’s hard not to love dogs in the first place, especially one who brings gifts!