This Tiny Dog Rides Everywhere On Her Best Friend’s Back

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Weighing in at less that ten pounds (4.5 kg), this Japanese chin named Lulu has Blizzard, a Saint Bernard, wrapped around her little finger. When they met, Lulu was too young to be independent, and she quickly adopted Blizzard as a parent.

She soon became comfortable with resting on Blizzard’s back when he was lying down, which evolved into Lulu riding on his back when he walks. Now, if he stands up with her, Lulu throws a fit until Blizzard, who is very laid back, lets her up on his back.

Lulu and Blizzard are the best of friends.

Lulu is a Japanese chin, and Blizzard is a Saint Bernard.

The two like going out together.

When they do, Lulu rides on Blizzard’s back.

If Blizzard stands up without her, Lulu reacts wildly until she’s allowed up onto his back.

Blizzard is a very laid back dog and doesn’t mind at all.

The two are local celebrities with people taking their photos whenever they spot Lulu riding Blizzard around.

(via BoredPanda)

Lulu and Blizzard are a dynamic duo. They resemble an elderly couple, don’t they?