What This Woman Did For Three Blind Cats Will Make You Cry

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Not everybody would love to have pets who have special needs. They need proper care and attention. Oftentimes, they’re abandoned by their owners while many are left in shelters without any hope of being adopted. Take for instance these three blind cats who spent most of their young lives in foster homes. But their lives changed when all three of them were finally adopted. This is their story.

Blue, Meadow, and Little Willow are a family of three blind cats.


They were adopted by Catherine Magno on February 19, 2015.


Before that they were found in an abandoned warehouse in Dubai before Christmas of 2014.


They were blind due to cat flu which their previous owner failed to treat.


Blue was almost adopted but he cried the whole night looking for his sisters so he was returned to the foster home.


He was reunited with his siblings in the foster home, and then Magno adopted all three of them in order to keep them together.


She was touched by their story, so she took them in.


She had to keep them enclosed in her apartment.


It wasn’t long before they felt right at home.


They learned their way around her apartment and memorized the locations of her furniture.


They’re not really different from other cats except that they’re blind.


Most importantly, they see through their hearts.


( via BoredPanda )

These blind cats are no different from other cats who have special needs. They’re very lucky to have found their forever home.